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Newsletter, April 2003

Continuity of Operations

We are required to plan for continued operations in the event of an emergency that would close the courthouses in Madison or Eau Claire. Prior to the implementation of the Electronic Case Filing System, those plans centered around the establishment of off-site filing locations. However, ECF has made those preparations, and the costs associated with leasing and providing security in temporary space, unnecessary. Each day more attorneys are discovering the savings the System offers in terms of attorney and staff time, postage, courier service and copies. For all the foregoing reasons, we strongly encourage those of you who have not begun filing electronically to become ECF users.

Happy Anniversary!

Very shortly, many of you who began ECF with us one year ago will be receiving a surprise to celebrate your achievement. It is a small token to express our appreciation for your pioneering spirit and perseverance. Stay tuned......

Electronic Orders are coming!

"E-Orders" will allow you to submit proposed orders to the Court thru the ECF system. The orders will be processed by court staff and forwarded to the Judges for approval and signature. ECF users will receive the signed order electronically. Regular mail will be used for all other parties. We are currently testing the product. It will be discussed and demonstrated at the April 25th Northwestern Wisconsin Bankruptcy Institute in Eau Claire. Contact the State Bar for details.

"Pay at the Pump"

ECF courts generally require attorneys to pay bankruptcy fees for cases filed electronically via credit card payment. The credit card numbers are maintained in a secure area and fees are processed by court staff the next day. The next step is to "eliminate the middleman" and allow direct payment at the time of filing. 

Currently, the Southern District of California and the Southern District of New York bankruptcy courts are testing a new enhancement which allows filers authorized by the court the ability to directly pay filing fees on CM/ECF using the U.S. Treasury Internet credit card service. This will allow you to file and pay from your office, home or anywhere you have internet access. We hope to have this capability later this year.

Would you like a "Personal Trainer?"

If you have attended the training and need some help getting started, or have been using the system and would like some tips and tricks, please contact our office to arrange for a personal visit. Our trainers are available to come to your office at your convenience to provide assistance. Please call! Operators are standing by in Madison and Eau Claire!

To subscribe to an electronic version of this newsletter, email us at the address below and put "Subscribe" in the Re or Subject line of the message. 

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