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Want to find out whether the Western District bankruptcy judges have issued a decision on that pesky issue you're facing? 

Check out our keyword index to find cases categorized by the main topic or issue involved. 

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So many cases, too long an index - so we broke it up into three more manageable parts.  On this page you'll find cases arranged in alphabetic order under keywords Security Interest to Willful and Malicious.

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It is possible to research the cases in a variety of ways. All available decisions have been indexed by both keyword and the relevant statute/rule references. It is also possible to review case summaries for particular cases. Follow the links at the top of the page to utilize these features.


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(Security Interest - Willful and Malicious)

An (M) beside a case indicates that the decision was issued by Judge Robert D. Martin an (F) indicates a decision by Judge Catherine J. Furay and a (U) indicates Judge Thomas S. Utschig.

To view a short summary of the decision, click on the "view summary" link beside the case name. To view the full text of the decision, together with citation as appropriate, click on "view case" beside the case name.

Security Interests -- Allocation of Payments

Security Interests-Assignment

Security Interests -- Attachment

Security Interests -- Consolidation

Security Interests -- Creation

Security Interests -- "Giving Value"

Security Interests -- Perfection

Security Interests -- Proceeds

Security Interests -- Purchase Money

Security Interests -- Time of Filing

Self-Incrimination Privilege



Similar Plan

Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign Immunity

Specificity of Statute

Spendthrift Trust

Statement of Issues on Appeal

Statutory Trust

"Strip Down"

"Strong Arm" Power

Student Loans


Substantial Abuse

Summary Judgment


Taxes -- Dischargeability

Taxes -- Exempt

Taxes -- Liens

Taxes -- Penalties

Taxes -- Refund

Taxes -- Tolling

Theft by Contractor

Tools of the Trade

Tortious Inteference with Contract


Trustees Fees

Trusts -- Constructive

Trusts -- Generally

Turnover of Property

Ultra Vires Act by Corporation

Unconscionability -- Commercial

Unfairly Discriminates

Unjust Enrichment

U.S. Trustee Fees

Vacant Lot

Value - Reasonably Equivalent

Wage Claims

Wild Card Exemption

Willful and Malicious -- Defined

Willful Violation