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Bankruptcy Rules

An (M) beside a case indicates that the decision was issued by Judge Robert D. Martin an (F) indicates a decision by Judge Catherine J. Furay and a (U) indicates Judge Thomas S. Utschig.

To view a short summary of the decision, click on the "view summary" link beside the case name. To view the full text of the decision, together with citation as appropriate, click on "view case" beside the case name.

Rule 1003 -- Involuntary Petition

Rule 1007

Rule 1009 -- Amendment of Petition and Schedules

Rule 2002 -- Notice of bankruptcy

Rule 2016 (a) -- Application for compensation of reimbursement

Rule 2016 (b) -- Disclosure of compensation paid or promised to attorney for debtor

Rule 2017

Rule 3001(d)

Rule 3001(e) -- Transferred claims

Rule 3001(f)

Rule 3002(c) -- Time for filing proof of claim

Rule 3003(c) -- Filing proof of claim

Rule 3006 -- Withdrawal of claim

Rule 4003(c) -- Exemptions - burden of proof

Rule 4004(a) -- Time for filing objection to discharge

Rule 4007(b) -- Time for commencing proceeding other than under § 523(c) of the code

Rule 4007(c) -- Time for filing nondischargeability complaint

Rule 6007 -- Abandonment and distribution of property of estate

Rule 7001 -- Adversary proceedings

Rule 7012 -- Dismissal for failure to state cause of action

Rule 7054

Rule 7055

Rule 7056 -- Summary judgment

Rule 8002 -- Time for filing notice of appeal

Rule 8006

Rule 9006 -- Time

Rule 9006(b)(1)

Rule 9009

Rule 9011 -- Sanctions

Rule 9011 - Signing and verification of papers

Rule 9024

Rule 9027 -- Removal