Hot Topic for February

Attorney Substitutions


FRBP 2014(b) states: If ... a law partnership or corporation is employed as an attorney, ... any partner, member, or regular associate of the partnership, corporation or individual may act as attorney ... so employed, without further order of the court.

Most commonly used when an attorney leaves the firm. Attorney substitutions occurring WITHIN THE SAME law firm can now be handled as follows:

  1. Stipulation to Substitute (Bankruptcy > Multi Case Docketing)
  2. Multiple case numbers entered on separate lines
  3. Firm Substitution of Attorney (FRBP 2014) selected from event list
  4. Enter both incoming & outgoing attorney information
  5. Browse to select stipulation & proof of service with list of affected debtors (.pdf files)
  6. Search for incoming attorney & select name if listed (if not, click Add/Create New Party)
  7. Select party filer(s) (debtors)
  8. End attorney selection (if Attorney/Party Association screen appears and party selection is correct, check box to create association)

Also see the instructions on Attorney substitutions occurring WITH A DIFFERENT law firm.

February Facts:

In December 2008:
  • 277 Attorneys filed
  • 7,137 pleadings electronically
  • 46% of all pleadings filed

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 72 % November 2005
  • 73 % year to date

Total Cases Filed in 2008

  • 6,954 Bankruptcy
  • 210 Adversary

The last bankruptcy case for the year was filed at 10:33 p.m. on December 31st by ECF filer Attorney Victoria J. Hewelt Cazel.

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