Hot Topic for March

2009 Spring ECF Upgrade (version 3.3)


When is the upgrade?

Installation will begin on Saturday, March 7th. March 14th. Live on Monday, March 9th March 16th.

What's new in the upgrade?

BAPCPA 2005 requirements for the U.S. Trustee

NOTE: The new screen displayed at case opening is to be completed by electronic case filers. However, by using updated petition preparation software, the process should be no more time consuming or burdensome than the current case opening process as the data from the schedules is electronically copied to CM/ECF.

March Facts:

In January 2009:
  • 280 Attorneys filed
  • 6,985 pleadings electronically
  • 48% of all pleadings

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 94 % January 2009
  • 94 % year to date

Things to do prior to the upgrade:

  1. Touch Base with your software providers for updates.
  2. Check our website and Users' Manual before filing, for any new information about the software upgrade.
  3. Schedule training with the Clerk’s office if you would like to sharpen your ECF skills.
  4. Remember that our Help Desk is available to assist anyone who has problems with the changes. (Phone numbers and e-mail below)
Help Desk Info:

Our ECF Technical Help Desk is available during regular office hours 8:00-4:30 M-F

                        envelope We want to stay in touch with you. Please let us know if your e-mail address changes. Contact us at:

We can be reached at:
(800) 373-8708
(608) 264-5630 in Madison
(715) 839-2993 in Eau Claire