Hot Topic for June

Using Dual Monitors


Many newer laptops already have an external video adapter so there is no need to add an additional card.

We'd be happy to give you a quick demonstration next time you are in our Madison or Eau Claire offices, simply ask to speak to one of the trainers. For more information contact Terry Payne by e-mail, or phone: 608-264-5178 ext 5730.

June Facts:

In March 2006:
  • 198 Attorneys filed
  • 3,616 pleadings electronically

In April 2006:
  • 200 Attorneys filed
  • 3,576 pleadings electronically

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 85 % March 2006
  • 88% April 2006
  • 86 % year to date (Apr 2006)

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Help Desk Info:

Our ECF Technical Help Desk is available during regular office hours 8:00-4:30 M-F

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