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Payment Advices


11 U.S.C. §521(a)(1)(B)(iv):

The debtor shall file, unless the court orders otherwise, copies of all payment advices or other evidence of payment received within 60 days before the date of the filing of the petition, by the debtor from any employer of the debtor.

The Western District of Wisconsin requires that payment advices (i.e., employee income records, pay stubs) be filed with the Clerk’s office.

Bankruptcy > Miscellaneous > Employee Income Records

The Court requests that the Employee Income Records be accompanied by a Payment Advices Cover Sheet. The Payment Advices Cover Sheet can be found on our website under Local Rules & Forms > Forms.

The Payment Advices Cover Sheet includes:

Note: The responsibility to redact personal identifiers from pleadings rests solely with counsel and the parties. The Clerk’s office will not review each pleading or attachment for compliance.

April Facts:

In February 2008:
  • 221 Attorneys filed
  • 5,492 pleadings electronically
  • 43% of all pleadings filed

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 95 % February 2008
  • 93 % year to date

IRS Data Update:

IRS revised data standards will apply to cases filed on or after March 17, 2008.

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