Hot Topic for February

Transcript of Hearing


After the Clerk’s office dockets a transcript of a hearing held in the bankruptcy court:

There are 90 days of restricted access via PACER. During this period, the transcript is

  1. Within five business days of the filing of the transcript, a notice of intent to request redaction must be filed and mailed to all parties who appeared at the hearing.
  2. Within 21 calendar days of the filing of the transcript, a statement of transcript redaction (STR) must be filed.
  3. Within ten calendar days of the STR being filed, any opposition to a statement of transcript redaction must be filed. You will be notified of any hearing on the matter.
  4. If STR approved, court reporter/transcriber has 31days from the date the original transcript was filed to file the redacted transcript.
    • Both transcripts will be available at clerk’s office during the 90 day restriction period

After the 90 day restriction period, the last version filed will be available via PACER and available for purchase from the clerk’s office.

Please see ECF User’s Manual for more detailed information.

February Facts:

In December 2007:
  • 193 Attorneys filed
  • 4,636 pleadings electronically
  • 40% of all pleadings

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 89% December 2007

  • 88% year to date December 2007
  • 85% year to date December 2006
  • 73% year to date December 2005
  • 57% year to date December 2004

Totals for 2007:

  • 355 Attorneys filed
  • 61,077 pleadings electronically
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