Hot Topic for August

Claim Actions


If your pleading relates to a claim, file the document in the CLAIM ACTIONS section.

Use of events listed below creates a link from the docket to the claims register, which results in a comprehensive history of actions in the claims register for each claim.

ECF > Bankruptcy > Claim Actions >

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August Facts:

In June 2010:
  • 397 Attorneys filed
  • 9,985 pleadings electronically

New Petitions filed by Electronic Case Filers:
  • 94 % June 2010
  • 94 % year to date

Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) Announcement
Effective July 12, 2010, the BNC will NOT mail notices to a creditor if an address is invalid. For more information please see the public announcement.

When scanning documents, make sure all documents are inserted in the same direction. VIewing documents in ECF is more cumbersome when pages face multiple directions.

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