Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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CM/ECFFiling Guides and Instructions  / Filing Proposed Orders in ECF

Filing Proposed Orders in ECF

Refer to formatting requirements before filing the proposed order in ECF.

  1. Click the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu when the proposed order is filed in the main bankruptcy case.  Click the Adversary hyperlink when the proposed order is filed in the adversary proceeding.

  2. Click on the Miscellaneous hyperlink.

  3. Enter the correct case number, including the hyphen. Click Next.

  4. Click the Proposed Order re hyperlink. Click Next.

  5. Ignore the Joint Filing screen. Click Next.

  6. Select the party filer. Click Next.

  7. Check the box that asked, "does this filing refer to an existing document in this case"?

  8. Click Next. A list of event categories is displayed. Select the category from the list by highlighting the one you need.

  9. Enter the "Order to be signed on or after" date:

    • Eau Claire cases: Generally, enter three days after the last day to object or five days after the order was filed; whichever date is later.

    • Madison cases: Generally, enter one day after after the last day to object or the same day the order was filed; whichever date is later.

  10. Click Next.  A list of all the docket entries in that category is shown.

  11. Check the box for the docket entry that should relate to the document that was filed. Click on the number in the "#" column to view the document.
    Note: Select only one document from this list (e.g., Motion/Application, Plan, Objection to Exemptions, Objection to Claim, Complaint, etc.). When the proposed order is the result of an Order to Show Cause Hearing, select the PM/Hearing Held entry.

  12. Click Browse, then navigate to the directory where the PDF file is located. Right-click and open the file to view it. Click Next.
    Note: You will receive a warning message if an order already exists for the same case and related document.  Select "Create another order" when there is more than one order that relates to the same document or select "Replace the original order" when you want to replace the order.  If the original order has already been forwarded to the Judge, you will be prompted to contact the courtroom deputy (Judge's Judicial Assistant or the Clerk's office).

  13. Enter the Order Type.

    • Select Urgent only when the proposed order needs to be signed as soon as possible (i.e., there is a verifiable emergency or other situation necessitating immediate signature). 

    • Select Routine for all other orders.

  14. Enter a Hearing Date if the proposed order is being submitted as a result of a hearing. Otherwise, leave this field blank. Click Next.

  15. Add a description of the Proposed Order to text (e.g., Motion by GMAC for Relief from Stay). Click Next.