Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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Advanced ECF Training


Advanced ECF attorney training requires prior completion of Basic ECF training or a current ECF attorney login in any district.

If you are interested in scheduling training contact us via email.

Training Exercise

Do you want to see how ECF works? The PACER website has computer based training modules.

Register for ECF Training

  1. A pdf compatible word processing program-Word or Word Perfect.
  2. Adobe Acrobat Software 4.0 or later (Acrobat Reader & Acrobat Writer) to convert documents from word processing format to PDF.
  3. A scanner either attached or networked to the computer intended for CM/ECF use.
  4. A PACER login & password


  • Review of website/manual
  • Adversary proceeding case opening
  • Multi-part motions
  • Stipulations/Judgments
  • Linking (associating) docketed events
  • Maintaining user accounts