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Filing Requirements - Adversary Proceeding

An Adversary Proceeding is a lawsuit arising in or related to a bankruptcy case.  It is commenced by filing a complaint with the Court.

Filing Requirements - Adversary Proceeding

Required Documents:

Number of Copies:


Summons (not required when case is filed electronically)

Adversary Cover Sheet (not required when case is filed electronically)

$350 Filing fee unless plaintiff is:

  • Trustee (in all chapters)
  • Chapter 7, 12, or 13 debtor
  • Chapter 11 debtor who does not have a confirmed plan

Original + appropriate number of copies as needed for service on defendant(s) and filer/plaintiff's file

Pursuant to Rule 7004(e), the Summons, Complaint, and Preliminary Pretrial Order must be served within 14 days from the date the Summons is issued.  Proof of Service is required to be filed with the Court.