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  • April 2003
    Continuity of Operations
    Happy Anniversary!
    Electronic Orders are coming!
    "Pay at the Pump"
    Would you like a "Personal Trainer?"

  • May 2002
    Looking for a Copy of a Document?
    Why Should I File Electronically?
    Email Comment from Attorney Tim Korf
    Trustee Electronic Filers
    Administrative Procedures & "Help Desk"
    Attorney and Staff Training for ECF
    Attorney Filers
    Important WebPACER Reminder
    WebPACER Fees
  • February 2002
    Earn Points on Your Credit Card
    New Local Rules
    ECF Administrative Procedures Manual
    Attorney and Staff Training for ECF
    New Case Numbering Format
    Important WebPACER News
  • November 2001
    Electronic Filing News
    Bankruptcy Filing Software

  • August 2001
    Payments by Credit Card
    Fee Clarification
    Electronic Case Filing
    Bankruptcy Filing Software

  • July 2001
    Fee Increases
    Electronic Case Filing
    Bankruptcy Filings

  • May 2001
    Bankruptcy Legislation
    Electronic Case Filing
    Computer Based Training (CBT)

  • January 2001
    Case Images on the Web
    Fee Increases
    Revised Official Form 7
    Credit Card Payments
    Electronic Case Filing
    Attorney E-mail Contact Options

  • December 2000
    Adversaries on the Web
    Customer Service Surveys
    Spring Seminar Reminder
    Electronic Case Filing

  • October 2000
    Filings begin in Eau Claire
    Spring Seminar
    Customer Service Survey
    Staff Changes
    Electronic Case Filing