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December 1, 2000

Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing, Internet E-mail, and Fax Service Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin is now offering a new way for you to receive bankruptcy notices from the court. You may now choose to receive overnight bankruptcy notices via Internet e-mail or transmitted as a fax to your office. Electronic noticing will provide the notices faster than the U.S. Mail.

Should you elect the Internet e-mail alternative, your e-mail provider must be able to provide an electronic acknowledgment of receipt indicating that the electronic notice was delivered to the intended electronic mailbox. One form of electronic acknowledgment used by some providers is the Delivery Service Notification (DNS) standard. However, some other electronic acknowledgment formats are also supported. The notice itself will be attached to the message as a file in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). A free Acrobat PDF reader and browser plug-in is available from Adobe's web site.

Please visit the Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing web page for detailed information about this free electronic noticing service including a list of known DSN compliant e-mail providers. See both the Electronic Noticing Implementation Guide and Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing Questions and Answers. To initiate this service, an Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing Agreement must be signed and returned to the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.

Your participation in the free electronic bankruptcy noticing program is encouraged since we believe it will offer many benefits to both you and the court. However,  you can continue to receive printed bankruptcy notices in the mail, just as you do now.

For complete electronic noticing information, visit the electronic noticing web page or call the Bankruptcy Noticing Center toll-free at 1-877-837-3424 for free technical support. You may also contact the Clerk's Office Electronic Noticing Coordinator, Julie Ellingson, at 608-261-5751, for a copy of an Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing Agreement.


Marcia M. Anderson
Clerk of Court