Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register in order to file electronically?

Yes. In order to file electronically, you must first register. Upon receipt of the registration forms, you may be contacted by the Clerk’s office to schedule additional training. Upon completion of training, a live login and password will be issued that will allow you to access the system to file documents electronically. In addition, you will need a PACER account to retrieve/view information from the system. A PACER account may be obtained at the PACER website.

When is CM/ECF training available and to whom?

Ongoing training is scheduled by the Clerk’s office for attorneys, staff, and limited use participants in a variety of ways: at either the Madison or Eau Claire courthouse locations, offsite, telephone, or email. Training can also be scheduled as needed or as requested by contacting the Clerk’s office. Contact us by email or (800) 373-8708 toll free. Madison: 608-264-5630. Eau Claire: 715-839-2993.

How does electronic filing work?

Online training modules are available here.

See CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions for more information on filing electronically.