Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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Case Information / PACER / Information Provided by PACER

The following information and reports are available from PACER:

Active Case Information by:
  • Case Number
  • Case Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Tax ID number
All basic case information can be obtained including:
  • Debtor's Name
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Filing Date
  • Chapter
  • Discharge Date
  • Closing Date
  • Disposition
  • Claims
  • Docket Sheets
Listing of New Cases by Date

Claims Register by Claimant Name or Case Number are availability for the following:
  • Chapter 7 cases WITH ASSETS
  • Chapter 11 cases where a trustee has been appointed, and other selected cases
  • Chapters 12 & 13  ALL cases

Creditor Matrix

Listing of Closed Cases by Date

341 Meeting Calendars by Date and Location