Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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Telephone Directory 

Madison Office | Eau Claire Office

Madison Office (608) 264-5178

Chambers  (608) 264-5188

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Honorable Robert D. Martin  
Penny Brellenthin

Clerk of Court  (608) 264-5178

Clerk of Court Marcia M. Anderson (608) 264-5178
Chief Deputy

John Kohler x5754

Finance (608) 264-5178

Financial Services Manager

Brenda x5741

Human Resources (608) 264-5178

Human Resources Manager Kathy x5743
Human Resources Specialist/Web Developer Becky x5746

Information Technology (608) 264-5178

Systems Manager Andy x5738
Systems Technology Administrator Matt x5745
Automation Specialist Trainer Terry x5730

Operations (608) 264-5178

Operations Manager Julie x5751

Case and Calendar Administrator/Trainer

Jolene x5742
Case Administrator Specialist Tina x5737
Case Administrator Specialist Ron x5739
Case Administrator Lynn x5734
Case Administrator Tibby x5744

Eau Claire Office (715) 839-2980

Chambers (715) 839-2980

Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge
Honorable Catherine J. Furay  
Judicial Assistant Cindy Korbol

Clerk of Court (715) 839-2980

Clerk of Court Marcia M. Anderson


Chief Deputy John Kohler

Information Technology (715) 839-2980

Network Systems Engineer Charlie x7380

Operations (715) 839-2980

Operations Manager Pam x7373
Case Administrator/Trainer Monica x7377
ECF Administrator Susan x7378
Quality Assurance Specialist
Brenda x7379
Case Administrator Specialist
Jackie x7374
Case Administrator Tami x7376