Filing Responsive Pleadings

In order to insure the fair, complete and timely administration of bankruptcy case hearings, it is important that any objections, answers, responses or replies be filed using the correct event. Failure to do so may slow down the legal process.

For Motions/Applications in Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Events > Answer (Invol. or 304)/Objections/Responses/Replies.. >

You have a choice of:

For Complaints/Motions/Applications in Adversary Proceedings
Adversary Events > Answer to Complaint, Amended Complaint, 3rd, Cross, Counter Objection/Response/Reply; Amended Answer >

You will have the same choices that are listed under Bankruptcy with the following event added:

For Plans and Disclosure Statements
Bankruptcy Events > Plan

For Objection to Claims
Bankruptcy Events > Claim Actions >

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