Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin

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Case Information / VCIS / Information Provided by VCIS

The following information is provided by VCIS for:

Bankruptcy Cases:

  • case number
  • debtor names
  • social security and/or tax id number
  • date the case was opened or reopened
  • whether voluntary or involuntary
  • chapter
  • business or consumer
  • debtor's attorney and phone number
  • date converted and converted chapter
  • trustee
  • assigned judge
  • case status
  • first meeting of creditors date and time, if set
  • last date to file a claim
  • discharge date, if one exists
  • date the case was closed
  • date the case was reopened
  • disposition
  • asset status

Adversary Proceedings:

  • case number
  • case type
  • case short title 1 and 2
  • date filed
  • plaintiff's attorney and phone number
  • assigned judge
  • case status
  • date closed
  • date reopened
  • previous closed date
  • disposition