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Last Updated: 02/10/09

Overview of New US Trustee Requirements

The United States Trustee requests more data be collected to comply with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. These reporting regulations are also known as BAPCPA. The data is collected at case opening and will be sent through the UST Daily Extraction file to the US Trustee data extraction program. The new information will not be sent to the Statistics Division.

Data Collection at Case Opening

  • When a Chapter 7 case is opened, the new screen contains two sections. The first section comes from schedules C, I and J and will collect information from four fields. The second section collects data from the Form B22A Means Test.  The debtor's attorney enters information in the appropriate fields to satisfy the BAPCPA reporting requirements.

There are approximately thirty fields of data collected under the Form B22A section, some fields are optional depending on situation.

  • When a Chapter 11 case is opened, the new screen contains a check box used to collect the debtor's aggregated non-contingent liquidated debts shown on voluntary petition Form B1 and information from schedules C, I and J.

  • When a Chapter 12 or a Chapter 13 case is opened, the new screen collects information from the four fields on schedules C, I and J.

NOTE:  The new screen displayed at case opening is to be completed by electronic case filers.  However, by using updated petition preparation software, the process will be no more time consuming or burdensome than the current case opening process as the data from the schedules is electronically copied to CM/ECF.

Following the upgrade of CM/ECF, please check with your software vendor for an updated version of their software.

Additional Event:  Update EOUST Stats

This event must be used to submit data after a case is opened. The information on the screens will correspond to the chapter that is filed.  

The event should be used after an order for relief has been entered in an involuntary case, following a conversion or for any case where the figures were not available when the case was opened.  For example, if the schedules or Form B22A, Means Test, is not available at the time a case is opened -- and they are filed subsequently -- file the documents using the appropriate CM/ECF event(s) and then use the Update EOUST Stats event (via the Miscellaneous category) to update the statistics transmitted to the US Trustee.