CM/ECF Release 4.+ Training Materials for Attorneys, Trustees and Creditors  
Last Updated: August 3, 2011

CM/ECF Release 4.1 offers many new features and enhancements. To familiarize users with the changes, WIWB is providing materials on the changes to CM/ECF. These training tools consist of PDFs and electronic learning modules (ELMs).

PDF Training Documents
ELMs (Electronic Learning Modules)
Adversary Case Opening  
BNC Noticing & E-mail  
Cases Report  
Claim Form - Revised  
County Codes  
Docket Report  

Filing Agents
Will be available at a later date

Filing Agents
Filing Fees  
Password Security  
PDF/A PDF/A (time: 7:11)
(PDF Transcript)
RSS Feeds  
Sealed and Restrict Documents  
Trustee's 341 Filings Trustee's 341 Filing for Chapter 7 Trustees (time: 5:18)
(PDF Transcript)
Trustee's 341 Filings for Chapter 13 Trustees  (time: 6:12)
(PDF Transcript)