Amended Plan (Before Confirmation)
Last Updated: April 7, 2010

Filing Requirements:

  • Amended Plan

  • Notice of Amended Plan - 21 days when required by 11 USC 1323(c)

  • Proof of Service (when applicable)

To File Electronically:

  1. Log into CM/ECF.

  2. Select [Bankruptcy >  Plan].

  3. Enter the case number (e.g, xx-xxxxx).

  4. Select [Amended Chapter 11 Plan (Prior to confirmation) or Amended Chapter 11 Small Business Plan  or Amended Chapter 12 Plan (Prior to confirmation) or Amended Chapter 13  Plan (Prior to confirmation)] from the event list.

  5. Skip the Joint Filing screen.

  6. Select the party filer.

  7. Browse to select the Amended Plan (.pdf file).

    Note:  The Proof of Service and supporting documents may be added as attachments to this document.

  8. Refer to all previously filed Plans.

  9. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click [Next] to submit your document(s).

    Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately e-mailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.





11 U.S.C.: 1129, 1223, 1323
FRBP: 2002