Filing Case Using your Software's ECF Filing System
Last Updated: January 16, 2007

Contact your software vendor for instructions.

Requirements for the Western District of Wisconsin are as follows:

  1. These documents may be filed together as one pdf:

    • Petition

    • Summary and Statistical Summary

    • Schedules A-J with Declaration

    • Statement of Financial Affairs with Declaration

    • Statement of Intent

    • Notice to Individual Debtor under 11 U.S.C. ยง 342(b), if applicable

    • Attorney Fee Disclosure

    • Matrix

  2. These documents must be filed separately in the following order:

    • Statement of Social Security Number

    • Certificate of Credit Counseling

    • Means Test

    • Employee Income Records

    • Chapter 13 Plan

Note:  Contact your bankruptcy software vendor regarding the possibility of including the Statement of Social Security, Certificate of Credit Counseling, Means Test, and the Employee Income Records as part of the auto-filing/case-upload process.





U.S.C.: 301-303
Bk FRBP: 1002-1008