Search Tips
Last Updated: July 29, 2004

About full-text search

This manual includes a Search button which provides a way to explore the content of the topics and find matches to user-defined queries. For example, users can search for “amendment” and every topic that contains the word “amendment” will be listed at the Search tab.

Here are the basic rules for making queries:

  • Searches are not case-sensitive, so you can type your search in uppercase or lowercase characters.

  • You may search for any combination of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).

  • Punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, comma, and hyphen are ignored during a search.

  • Group the elements of your search using double quotes or parentheses to set apart each element. You cannot search for quotation marks.

About Advanced full-text search

Advanced searching provides additional ways to find information in this manual that use full-text search. Advanced searches can help users narrow searches for more precise results. From the Search field, users enter Boolean expressions (such as AND, OR, and NOT) or nested expressions for enhanced searching. Wildcards are not supported.