Clear Default PACER Login
Last Updated: July 28, 2011

Log into ECF using your ECF account. Your ECF account is different than your PACER account. In order to make modifications to your ECF user information, please login using your ECF account credentials.

When an attorney changes law firms, how do you sever a default PACER login that is associated with an attorney's ECF login?  In other words, remember the first time you logged into ECF to file a document?  And then if you clicked Query, for example -- you were prompted for a PACER login and there was a check box to associate and make the law firm's PACER account - the default. This allowed you to avoid having to login to PACER each time you wanted to view a document, while logged in as an ECF filer.

When an attorney switches firms, you want the previous association to be broken so the new firm will be billed for PACER charges, since the attorney is now with the new law firm.  While logged in as the attorney in ECF, the clearing default PACER login is accomplished via:

1. Select [Utilities] on the ECF menu bar.

2. Select [Clear Default PACER Login].

3.  The clearing of the default PACER login is immediate.

4.  Then the next time you access the Query menu or Reports menu in ECF, you will be prompted for a PACER login.  You can input the new law firms PACER credentials.  

Again, this is only for attorneys who have changed law firms.






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