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Western District of Wisconsin

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Last Updated: March 7, 2014

This manual is designed as a guide to assist registered ECF Users in filing documents electronically. Although filing requirements and references to the Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules may be provided for some topics, this manual should not be relied upon exclusively by the user. The Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules should be consulted. The Court does not endorse any particular software packages or applications.

Wisconsin Western ECF Technical Help Desk
(800) 373-8708 Toll Free
(608) 264-5630 Madison
(715) 839-2993 Eau Claire

Important Notice Regarding Time Period Changes Effective December 1, 2009, Including 14-Day Deadline for Filing Schedules, Statements, and Chapter 13 Plan. Time periods that are less than 30 days are changed to multiples of seven days.

  • 5-day periods become 7-day periods

  • 10-day periods become 14-day periods

  • 15-day periods become 14-day periods

  • 20-day periods become 21-day periods

  • 25-day periods become 28-day periods

Please remember to follow the prompts and notations within the ECF Filing System.

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