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Attorney Firm Changes

Follow these procedures when an attorney is changing law firms or leaving a law firm.

Note: To generate a list of cases in ECF assigned to an attorney, click on Query and enter the attorney's name.


Then departing attorney or newly assigned attorney must:

After any attorney substitutions are filed, the departing attorney must:
A newly assigned attorney in the original firm is retaining the case(s)


File a Substitution of Attorney found under Bankruptcy > Multi-Case docketing > Firm Substitution of Attorney (FRBP 2014) and Proof of Service. The substitution PDF must list the name of the debtor and case number for each case retained by the firm. Both the departing and the newly assigned attorney must sign the substitution.


Update your ECF account to change your address, telephone number, and email information under Utilities > Maintain your ECF Account. Update all open cases that you are retaining.

To protect your account, it is recommended that you change your password under Utilities > Change Your ECF Password.

If you used the firm's PACER account, clear your default PACER login under Utilities > Clear Default PACER Login

Note: If you are no longer practicing in our district, contact the Court to deactivate your account.

A newly assigned attorney outside the firm is substituted as counsel File a Motion or Stipulation to Substitute Attorney, Proof of Service, and Proposed Order.
The departing attorney is retaining the case(s)