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Changes in Attorney Representation

If the current Attorney of Record is:

Links to procedure manual:

After a substitution, withdrawal or motion is filed, the attorneys must:

… changing firms AND continuing to represent the client as the attorney of record.



WIWB is a NextGen CM/ECF Court, so all updates are done through the Manage My Account section inside PACER.




To protect your account, it is recommended that you change your password.  Remember to clear or update your browser passwords.

… withdrawing and replacing representation with another attorney within thesame firm.

… withdrawing and replacing representation with another attorney outside the firm.

… withdrawing and stepping away from representation of the client and will no longer be an attorney of record in the case.

REMEMBER – PACER accounts are set up to belong to an attorney, NOT to a firm.  It is an attorney’s responsibility to update all contact information and to keep their password safe.

NOTE: A list of cases assigned to an attorney can be generated inside CMECF by clicking on Query and entering the last and first name and selecting attorney under type > Run Query.