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Clerk's Office: Madison (608) 264-5178

Clerk's Office: Eau Claire  (715) 839-2980

last updated: 9/15/15

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Offical Forms Changes Effective December 1

Most Official Bankruptcy Forms are scheduled to be replaced with substantially revised, reformatted and renumbered versions effective December 1, 2015, if the changes are approved by the Judicial Conference at its meeting in September 2015.

The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts is currently working with the software vendors so their programs will be ready to generate the revised forms by the December 1 effective date.

We will provide additional information and guidance as the implementation date approaches.

Pending Offical Bankruptcy Form Changes

Coming Soon.....

We anticipate rolling out our new website in early November. Here is a sneak preview. Click to see a larger image.

New Home Page Sample

Ordering a Transcript or Audio CD of a Court Proceeding

For more information on how to order a transcript or Audio CD of a court proceeding, please visit the Transcripts page.

Hearing Call-in Procedures--Madison and Eau Claire

Both offices have a toll-free call-in number for all preliminary hearings and pretrial conferences. In other words, we will no longer call you for hearings; you will call us.

Hearing notices will include the call-in number and access code. More specific procedures are available here.

ECF User's Manual

This manual is designed as a guide to assist registered ECF Users in filing documents electronically. Although filing requirements and references to the Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules may be provided for some topics, this manual should not be relied upon exclusively by the user. The actual Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules should still be consulted.

Important Links

eFinCert: File the Certificate of Debtor Education electronically using the electronic financial management course certificate filing program (eFinCert) instead registering as a limited filer in the court’s CM/ECF case management system.

Report Suspected Bankruptcy Fraud

Judicial Misconduct or Disability Complaint Information






Filing without an attorney?
If you are filing a new bankruptcy case without an attorney see the pro se web page for information to assist you with filing procedures.

What is Pro se?
Married Pro se?

Get more information on bankruptcy by viewing Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy Basics Video Link


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ECF Technical Help Desk

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ECF User's Manual

Creditor Information

Are you a creditor looking for filing information? Visit our Creditor's page.

Mortgage Modification Mediation Program

Information on this program can be found here.

Looking for Unclaimed Funds?
Unclaimed funds are now available for look up on our website.

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Other News

seminar disclsoure

Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) Announcement
Effective July 12, 2010
See What's New for more information.

National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act of 2008 Effective December 19, 2008
See What's New for more information.

Sign up for a PACER Account
Signing up is free. A PACER account is required to view docket sheets and case documents. Sign up at:

Register of Mailing Addresses for Federal and State Governmental Units

Information Regarding Attorneys Appearing by Telephone

Updated Census Bureau Information

Visit the U.S. Trustee's website for updated Census Bureau State Median Family Income figures. The proposed start date for these updates is for cases filed on or after October 1, 2008.

Annual Bankruptcy Update Slides:

Powerpoint Presentation November 2013


Go Green(er)
You are already receiving notices electronically from ECF for each docket entry made. Are you ready to receive electronic notices from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center? If yes, sign up for electronic notices - FREE! Receive notices 24/7 and days faster than through U.S. Mail. For more info see our BNC page or at the BNC home page and Go Greener today!

Electronic Orders
All Orders submitted to the Court for signature by a Judge on or after June 2, 2003 must conform to the Electronic Order format. This applies to all orders, whether filed electronically through the ECF system or not.
Electronic Filing Instructions (ECF Users)
Sample Proposed Order
Sample Signed Order

ECF Newsletter
"The Electric Briefcase" is our monthly ECF training news and tips newsletter.

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