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ChapMobile App

Chap Mobile offers a central location for viewing on demand bankruptcy hearings and 341 Meetings.  Using the App eliminates time-consuming searches on the court website.  It offers lawyers, trustees or other partners of the bankruptcy court, free and efficient tracking for upcoming hearings. App users can save and track their favorite cases, debtors, and view upcoming hearings.

Features Include:

  • HEARING CALENDAR -Quickly view upcoming public daily hearing calendars for Bankruptcy judges across the country.  Calendar views include case and hearing information, hearing date, time, and location. View 341 Meeting daily calendars for new case filings. The 341 daily calendar view includes date, time, meeting location, and case information for each bankruptcy Trustee or US Trustee with an upcoming 341 calendar.
  • MY LIST - Save time tracking information for the same cases and attorneys.  Create personalized lists to follow your favorite attorneys, bankruptcy cases or debtors with upcoming court hearings.
  • SEARCH - Don't know the hearing date? Easily search for hearings and 341 meetings by debtor name, case number or attorneys name.
  • SETTINGS - Select a court you want to visit.  Control your view and favorite lists in the App settings. App personalization is easy to use.
  • COURT LOCATION - View court addresses and jump to court websites.  Call or email the court directly from the App.

Download the Brochure for more feature highlights

ChapMobile App Introduction