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Request a Transcript

Procedures for obtaining a transcript:  Transcript Requests:  To request a transcript of a court proceeding, parties must complete the Transcript and Audio Recording Request Form. Parties with an CM/ECF account should file the form using the docket event “Request for Transcript.”  Parties without an ECF account can hand-deliver or mail the form to the Court.  The Court does not accept requests via fax, email, or telephone.

Transcript Processing:  The Court does not transcribe court proceedings. When a Transcript Order Form is received, the court will forward the hearing information to the transcription service provider that was selected on the transcript order form. You must contact the transcription service provider to make a payment arrangements.

Access Transcripts, LLC
10110 Youngwood Lane
Fisher, IN 46038

(855) 873-2223

Thompson Transcription
392 Tornga Drive
Ripon, CA 95366

(209) 552-5229

Jeannie Williams ***

(608) 921-3198

*** Transcripts for Judge Robert Martin between the dates of September 1999 through September 2016

Transcript Cost:  The estimated cost of the transcript is based on the number of pages and how quickly you want the transcript. When a transcript is ordered, the first party to order it pays the original transcript rate, and subsequent requesters pay a copy rate (see Maximum Per Page Transcript Rates).

This is only an estimate.  The actual cost will be determined by the transcription service provider.  The requestor will pay all fees directly to the transcription service provider before the transcript is released unless other arrangements are made PRIOR to the production of the transcript. When a transcript request is filed, all parties who attended the hearing are solely responsible for redaction of the information described in FRBP 9037(a).  Redaction is accomplished only with input from the parties who attended the hearing.  Transcription service providers are not responsible for identifying a need for redaction or for redacting the transcripts absent a request by any party.

For Appeal Purposes:  Within the time prescribed in FRBP 8009(a)(1), the appellant must submit a Transcript Order Form to the Bankruptcy Clerk or a certificate stating that the appellant is not ordering a transcript.

For 341 Meetings Transcripts:  You must contact the Office of the U.S. Trustee (608) 264-5522