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CM/ECF Registration/Training


Electronic Case Filing Registration

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin has upgraded their Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF) to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen). NextGen allows you to maintain a single login and password for PACER access and e-filing in all NextGen federal courts in which you have permission to e-file.

Additional information regarding NextGen can be found at


Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) Training Modules

Follow the link below to use a series of generic training modues that will help you become more familiar with the electronic filing aspects of the Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF program.

Additional Resources/Information about bankruptcy procedure and filing electronically:


Links to ECF Manual Topics:

  • Note: The exercises below include links to the manual on step-by-step instructions on how to complete each one.

Debtor Attorney

Creditor Attorney

CM/ECF Training Database