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How to Use eSR

Before Using eSR

     1.  Review Before You File for important bankruptcy information.
     2.  Obtain credit counseling from a court-approved credit counseling agency.  (Required by law)
     3.  Collect all your financial documents before you begin


Prepare a Petition Package Using eSR

    1.  Go to the eSR system home page to create a user profile, unique login, and password

  •     From the first day you begin working in eSR, you have up to 45 days to complete the petition. If you do not submit your petition to the bankruptcy court for filing within 45 days, whatever you have done will be deleted from the system. If you do not think you will finish within 45 days, please print out a copy of your work for future reference.

     2.  Answer questions about your property, income and debts.

     3.  Submit the bankruptcy filing.


NOTE:  eSR only allows a one-time submission. Any schedules or statements not completed at the time the eSR package is submitted cannot be completed later using eSR. All subsequent pleadings and amendments to pleadings must be filed in paper via mail or dropped off at the Courthouse in Madison or Eau Claire.

NOTE:  After submitting your petition, you will receive an email confirming the electronic receipt of the bankruptcy petition submitted to the Court. Please note that the confirmation email does not constitute filing. Documents must still be provided to the Court before filing commences.

Immediately After Petition Package is Submitted

NEXT STEPS: Complete Initial Bankruptcy Filing
  • After submitting the eSR Petition online, hand deliver, or mail printed copies of the documents listed below to the Court within 14 days:
    • Original signatures required on all documents.
    • Drop off in person or deliver by mail to:
U.S. Courthouse
120 North Henry Street, Room 340
Madison, WI 53703-2559
Filing Fee Options Chapter 7 Chapter 13
1 Pay Filing Fee in Full Cashier’s Check or Money Order ONLY
$338.00 $313.00
2 Pay Filing Fee in Installments Complete Application:

Application to Pay in Installments (Form 103A)

Monthly payments made over 90 days
Filing Fee Paid Through the Chapter 13 Plan
3 Filing Fee Waiver Complete Application:

Application for Waiver of Filing Fee (Form 103B)

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Determines Eligibility Not Applicable
REQUIRED FORMS – Submit Paper Copies BOTH Chapter 7 & 13
Form Name Description Links Examples & Explanations
Certificate of Credit Counseling Proof a Debtor attended Credit Counseling
within the 6 months prior to filing.
Certificate of Credit Counseling
  • Original Copy of Certificate
  • Printed Digital Copy of Certificate
Statement of Social Security Number Full Social Security Number(s) Listed
Statement About Your Social Security Numbers (Form 121)


  • Original Signature Required
  • Non-Debtor Spouse Information Listed
Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing Statement by Petitioner confirming that they intentionally filed the eSR petition.
Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing Used to show:
  • Information provided is correct
  • Petitioner understands the documents being filed
  • Petition filed voluntarily
  • Original Signature Required
Employee Income Records/ Pay Advices Cover Sheet Check boxes indicate whether pay stubs exist or not, and reason for lack of pay stubs. (Self-Employment, Social Security) Employee Income Records/Pay Advices Cover Sheet Provide evidence of employment income received in the 60 days prior to filing.


  • Paystubs

Other evidence of payments received from an employer

Employee Income Records are not required to open a case; however, they must be provided to the Court with a new case filing.
  • You may include this documentation when you provide your original documents to the court in person or via mail to avoid the need to provide them separately.  (Due 14 days after the case is opened.)
PAYMENT PLAN                                                                             **Chapter 13 ONLY**
Chapter 13 Payment Plan Debtor’s proposed plan to make payments on debt.
Chapter 13 Plan-Local Rule 3015-1
**REQUIRED in Chapter 13 Cases ONLY**

Plan Form must be downloaded & saved as a PDF.

Debtor may complete and file these forms if they rent their residence, and the landlord has an eviction judgment against them, and they wish to stay in the residence more than 30 days after filing the petition.
Initial Statement About an Eviction Judgment Against You
Used if an Eviction has been filed against you. Initial Statement About an Eviction Judgment Against You (Form 101A)
You are required to serve a copy of this form on your landlord when you complete the instructions for filing for bankruptcy.

Statement About Payment of an Eviction Judgment Against You

Certification that Debtor has a legal right to remain in the residence & has paid the delinquent amount owed to the landlord.

Statement About Payment of an Eviction Judgment Againt You (Form 101B)

 Both Forms 101A & 101B must be filed and served on the landlord within 30 days of the Bankruptcy Petition beling filed.

NOTE: A bankruptcy petition is NOT considered “filed” (and does not receive a case number) until all of the above listed documents are received and processed by the court.

NOTE: An automatic stay (injunction) is NOT in effect until a bankruptcy case number is issued by the bankruptcy court.

Follow this link to begin using eSR:   

Next Steps found under After You File